Tuesday, January 08, 2008

unseasonably warm

The weather in the GTA today was ridiculously warm. I mean, above freezing and in the double digits warm. It makes from a rather fantastic break from winter for Signal and I, who both dread the complicated dance required to get both he and I into our winter gear and out the door. When I saw that it wasn't too rainy this afternoon and that a walk could be taken without winter wear, we were gone in a flash.

Signal got to wear his Newt Suit for the first time today. He received it from Granny for Christmas, and I was thinking it wouldn't see the light of day until March or so. But thankfully I was wrong!

Here he is in his Newt Suit and Stonz, all ready to go.

Doesn't the blue colour suit his eyes perfectly?

And finally, a picture of the two of us as we headed out the door, Signal securely riding in our Ergo.

We were out about for half and hour or so, and saw lots of melting snow, and big puddles, and cars and buses and other pedestrians amused by the fact that Signal was "tailgating" me. Hopefully it will stay warm for a few more days at least, and we can continue enjoying life without winter coats and dreaded mittens.

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Erin said...

Warm there too, huh? We had another warm day, but intermittent rain kept us from going outside when it was warmer. We got out later, but the little one was not so enthused this time around...