Thursday, February 14, 2008

book time

This evening, our friend A came over for dinner. Yes, we know it's Valentine's Day. No, it's not odd. Ru and I aren't super big Valentine's people. While we did exchange small gifts (keep an eye out for tomorrow's post on the subject), we didn't and never really have gone overboard.

After dinner, Signal was on his typical book kick, bringing story after story to A. He had her read one of his favourites, No Hitting, several times and was helping her with the first line of the story when Ru broke out the camera to catch some video. And and soon as she did, he stopped filling in the story and did this instead:

I am loving the fact that when A says "I'm...", he answers "You!" He's right, I suppose. She is her. But he knows full well that that isn't how the story goes. Crazy kid.


MadJenny said...

So cute!

omaopa said...

This brightened our morning and made us start the day with a good laugh - he's a gem!!! Is it not wonderful?? He knows who's who!! Give him an Oma and Opa hug! Cheers to A.. Love to the parents!