Monday, February 18, 2008

fluffy butt

On Friday Ru, Signal and ventured into town and down to Bloor West Village to visit Diaper-eez and get started on a cloth diaper stash for our big boy! Why now, you ask? Well, the decision was many-faceted and a long time in coming. We were seriously worried about the work/time factor that was going to be involved in washing cloth diapers in shared coin-operated machines in our building. We were looking for something that would fit a wide range of baby sizes (in case we have a second child.) We wanted something that wasn't going to be too ridiculously pricey, but would still be functional. And on and on and on.

After much reading on my part, we decided that we would go the old-school route of prefolds in PUL covers. I really liked the idea of pocket diapers or AIOs (all in one's), but the fact that we have hard water combined with the knowledge that fleece is a higher maintenance fabric had us a little wary. There is a cotton-interior AIO that I have since found out about, so that would eliminate the scary fleece maintenance factor. If I find these for a good price somewhere I may pick up a few to try out. But for now, we're sticking to prefolds and PUL.

We purchased 24 unbleached cotton premium prefolds, and 4 large Bummis covers. We also got two liners and two Snappis. We were then all set to go! On Friday night we prepped the prefolds by washing them a few times and then drying them on hot to get them quilted up and ready to absorb. I then tried out my mad Snappi skills on a stuffed monkey. Signal thought this was rather hilarious.

Then on Saturday morning, Ru put Signal in his first ever cloth diaper and came to wake me up! She simply trifolded the prefold into the cover, instead of snappi'ing. Because Signal is quite a big boy, getting the prefold snappi'ed is a bit tough. We have some toddler-size prefolds headed our way in the hopes that bigger dipes will make it easier. So for now it's mostly trifolds for us. Anyhoo, here are some pictures Ru took of Signal in his fluffy cloth.

Showing off the fluff.

Tabs crossed over.

Not too poufy.

We quickly realized that despite being a big boy, we found the large Bummis covers to be just too big. They were really long in the rise, and even with the tab crossed over they were still gapping a bit at the thighs. So on Sunday we returned two of the large covers and got some mediums. Now we have three mediums and two larges, and hopefully we won't need to get many more covers at all before Signal potty trains.

If anyone has any rave cloth diaper reviews, be it for prefolds, covers, fitteds, pockets or AIOs, please leave us a comment. In my opinion, more knowledge is always better. I'd love to know what works for you and your kiddo(s) and your laundry situation!

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Erin said...

Yay for cloth!! Good for you for making the switch! I think prefolds are great for at home and daytime use, but for going out or nighttime, I would recommend a pocket or AIO. We love Bumgenious (a one-size too!), but if he is a big boy, perhaps the Fuzzi Bunz would be better? We use both. The hard water is a tough one, but you can either use vinegar or baking soda (I forget which one helps) to help with that. Dream-Eze are wonderfully trim and very absorbent, but they run pretty small. They are a fitted, so they could work under the covers you have. They'd just be more absorbent.
Also, what detergent are you using to wash them? I recommend Allen's Naturally or Charlie's Soap. You have to order it online though. We also put a squirt of Bac-Out in the cold rinse and it really combats the smells!

Good luck! I hope you stick with it!!