Sunday, February 24, 2008

hurry! hurry hard!!

My mom and I have long been followers of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. It started sometime when I was in high school. Every year when the tournament came around, we tried to watch as many of the draws as possible, cheering for curling greats like Connie Laliberte and Sandra Schmirler.

It was, therefore, pretty much a given that I'd be watching a lot of curing this week. And when I watch a lot of curling, Signal also ends up watching a lot of curling. Since he is our little mimic, what do you think I heard him say yesterday when we were watching the semi-final game between Ontario and Manitoba? You guessed it "Rrreeeee! Haaaaaa! Rrrreeeee!" (To be translated as "Hurry! Haaaaaard! Huuuryyyy!")

Who me? Liking curling?

Checking out the teams in action.

It was so cute. And mildly embarrassing, as it is quite indicative of how much curling has been on in this house. Oh well. At least the Tournament of Hearts only comes on once a year. The first week of March is the Brier though...


kidletsmum said...

LMAO!!! I didn't know you were a closet curling fan! Me too! But only women's.
My neighbour growing up was a curling great. Cathy Borst. I watched her in it innumerable times.
Remind me to tell you her hilarious Schmirler the Curler story sometime. It's too funny!

(But don't go telling people I watch curling too... it could hurt my rep, ya know?)

omaopa said...

Go Signal - there is nothing that can replace the cry of hurry - hurry hard!! Glad to see that the addiction is continuing - Ezzie will know where I'm coming from if he is here for the Olympics!! And I agree with kidletsmum - only the women's!!!