Friday, February 01, 2008

it's still winter

We're nearing the end of another winter storm here in the GTA. Toronto proper has had about 12cm fall so far, meaning we've likely received 15 or so. And meteorologists are calling for another 5cm or so overnight. Very wintry.

We were all supposed to go downtown this morning with Ru, who was getting her hair cut. That was a no-go. She took transit and Signal and I stayed home in our jammies. By 2:30pm though, the snow was falling a bit more lightly and I was itching to finally get some real time out of the house. We got dressed, hopped into the car, and carefully drove the 5 minutes it takes to get to the nearest mall. Ah... Nothing like a mall on a snow day. Very few people to get in your way, and you get to walk around safely out of the elements.

I celebrated being out of the house by buying Signal some shorts (clearly seasonally appropriate based on what I have just said about the weather, no?) and a cute matching sweatshirt at Old Navy. We also used gift cards we got for Christmas to get the Juno Soundtrack and Putumayo's Celtic Dreamland CD at HMV. It really was nice to spend some time all together just chatting and strolling. Hooray for the start of a three-day weekend.

Tomorrow, weather willing, we're going to the library! We're also going to have home-made pizza for supper. And then there's still Sunday. Awesome.

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kidletsmum said...

I want a snow day in the mall too!