Thursday, February 07, 2008

a milestone I could have lived without

One day short of the 14 month mark, I got to experience by far the ickiest part of being a parent. Ickier than poop. Or food smeared everywhere. Ickier even than Signal putting cat litter in his mouth. Yesterday, I got to deal with vomit. Ewwww.

Those of you who know me well know that I do not like vomit. I just can't deal with it. In the entire time I have known Ru (6.5 years), I have thrown up once. And I cried the whole time. That's counting a pregnancy with morning sickness. No matter how horrible I feel, I don't puke. No way no how. But apparently I didn't tell Signal that this house is a no-vomit zone.

He ate lunch totally normally yesterday. Seemed in fine spirits. At 2:00pm, I set out a little snack for him to gave before his nap. He took one bite of Pirate's Booty, looked at me with a funny face, and then vomited all over the coffee table, the floor, some books, and himself. Being the first time this had ever happened to him, Signal was understandably shocked and upset. Who wouldn't be after having vomit fly out their nose? I really, really didn't want to pick him up, but I had to. And then I had to change him and myself. And clean the living room. And get us both into the shower. Not my idea of fun by any stretch of the imagination.

He ended up vomiting once more in the afternoon, on the floor in our room. By this time I was feeling rather jumpy about holding him, but what could I do? Again, I got him and everything else cleaned up, and on we went with our day.

We thought all was well when Signal happily took a bottle and went to sleep without incident. He woke for more formula at around 12:30am (which he always does), so again, I thought we were over whatever had made him ill. Fast forward to 4:00am. Signal woke up and cried out, which again is very typical. He almost always has another feeding at 4:00am. He was sleeping on his mattress beside out bed, and I leaned over to pick him up. As I did, I caught the lovely whiff of vomit. I woke Ru and made her turn on the light. Some time between 12:30 and 4:00, Signal had thrown up again. But it hadn't caused him, or us, to wake up. So it was partially dried all over him and his pjs and his mattress. Lovely.

More cleaning. Followed, miraculously, by more sleep. For the time being, there has not been any more vomit. He had a few dry Cheerios for breakfast, and a bit more formula, and has managed to keep it down. As you can see from these pictures, he's sleeping on his mattress at the moment. I've been going in to check on him every once in a while to make sure he hasn't been sick in his sleep again, but so far so good.

Please wish us luck that the vomit is over. Because I'm not sure I can handle any more.


Erin said...

Aw, he looks so sweet sleeping there. I have to tell you, I am extremely paranoid of vomit. I can't deal with it. I never threw up my entire pregnancy (even with morning sickness and severe migraines for 24 weeks) and have only vomited once in the last 14 years. (Knock on wood!!) Last night I felt so incredibly sick to my stomach and really panicked, repeating the mantra "I will not vomit" over and over. I didn't, thankfully.
So anyway, I can't imagine dealing with all of that! Poor little guy. Sounds like you're hanging in there and doing a terrific job though. I hope he's over the worst of it now! Good luck :)

kidletsmum said...

Ugh. I feel for you. I hope it's over!

M said...

After more than 24 hours without vomit, Signal was sick again this morning. So odd. Really, it can be all over any time now.