Tuesday, February 26, 2008

mimi and the potty

Last Friday when I went to get my hair cut, Ru, Signal and I stopped in to the Once Upon a Child down in Toronto to see if there were any good finds to be had. We were very happy to find a nice pair of summer sandals, a romper, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts for Signal. With these items added to our stash we're now ready for the warm weather.

The best find of all though was a Baby Björn potty. I was thrilled! This is the exact potty that I wanted for Signal, because it is tall without taking up a whole bunch of room. And with only two pieces of molded plastic, I've heard that these are really easy to keep clean. We snatched it up right away. At less than half the price of retail and looking like it had never been used, we didn't mind the fact that he likely won't be ready to use it a lot for quite some time yet.

We quickly found out though that Signal loves his new potty. He carries it around the house, all the while whispering "pee-pee, pee-pee." He'll gladly sit on it at diaper changes and before he gets into the bath, especially if I read him a book while he sits. But what he loves most of all is to have his monkey Mimi sit on the potty. He likes to read to her while she's on the potty (hmmm, I guess kids really do like to model behavior.) He likes to sit on her while she sits on the potty. It is just too too cute.

Picking a book to read to Mimi.

Reading her some Sandra Boynton.

Taking a seat.

Now we can only hope that when he really is of an age to undertake potty learning, he'll be just as enthusiastic.


kidletsmum said...

wow! can we arrange for him to have a potty coversation with the kidlet???

M said...

We could, but I don't know that it would help. He'll sit on it for a long time - but actually pee in it? Not so much...