Tuesday, February 19, 2008

m's (not) meal plan, february 19 through 24

For some reason I am feeling completely and totally uninspired when it comes to meal planning this week. I don't know why. I have plenty of meat in the chest freezer. I have fresh veggies in the crisper. I have fruit. I just don't have any idea of how to put it together this week. Hmmmm.

Thankfully, we've got some events planned this week that allow me to shirk my cooking duties for a few days. On Friday we're having dinner at a friend's house. On Sunday, we're seeing Dervish play at Hugh's Room in Roncesvalles Village, and have booked a table for the pre-show dinner. And tonight's dinner is already behind us. That leaves only three days, and I STILL feel this way.

Tuesday - Chicken cacciatore over whole wheat pasta
Wednesday - Sassy meatloaf with baked butternut squash
Thursday - ???????
Friday - Dinner with friends
Saturday - More ????????
Sunday - Supper at Hugh's Room

Oh well. I guess I can't be a meal planning maven all the time. If you've got any suggestions, let me know!


Julia said...

This really depends on what you've got to work with for veggies, since that's what's going to go bad first if your meat is frozen. I always like stuffed vegetables as a main; you can stuff almost anything that you can cook (some have to be hollowed first, but some of the flesh can go into the stuffing), and you can put almost anything into the filling, such as ground meat, leftover (or fresh) rice, nuts, beans/lentils, herbs, dried or fresh fruit, cheese, other vegetables, breadcrumbs/stale bread, possibly egg as a binding agent/protein source... ...Okay, I have to leave work now because this is making me too hungry. Good luck finding inspiration!

M said...

Oooh, thanks! I know that we're getting eggplant in this week's box. Maybe I'll do it up stuffed with some leftover meatloaf and topped with cheese!