Wednesday, February 20, 2008

with clothing

We're onto day 5 of cloth diapering. After my last post, I thought I should clarify that for the moment, we're only using cloth at home, during the day. When we go out and when Signal goes to bed for the night, we are still using disposables. As Erin mentioned in her comment on the other post, prefolds and covers and great, but not the most absorbent of cloth diapers out there. Without any kind of doubler with the prefold, I have to change Signal every hour and a half or so or else I get wicking at the legs. He's currently napping in a prefold trifolded around a flannel flat with a stay-dry liner covered with a large Bummis cover. Absorbent for sure, but hugely bulky too!

We may get some pocket diapers to try out for longer excursions/night time. I am having a hard time deciding what to try out, but am thinking that perhaps some bumGenius 3.0 or Fuzzi Bunz would be nice to try out. Maybe 1 or 2 of each, to see how the fit is and how they actually hold up to washing in our hard water. I'm keeping my eye out on a few FSOT boards to see if I can snag some nearly-new dipes at a good price. That way we can try without as much of a hit on the pocketbook.

I took some pictures this morning to show that the prefold/Bummis combo is pretty trim. So far, every pair of pants that Signal owns that I have tried to put on over the cloth diapers has fit. Sure, they are a bit snugger in the bum, but they certainly snap and aren't too restricting. For the record, the majority of his pants are 18-24 month size.

Leaning on his table.

Bum shot.

Eating Cheerios.

And finally looking at the camera for Mommy.

And again, if anyone else has any info on diapers that they loved and/or hated for their little ones, I'd love to hear about them!

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