Sunday, March 30, 2008

craft afternoon

After reading some rather inspiring crafting threads on Diaper Swappers over the last few weeks, yesterday Ru and I decided that we should go ahead and spice up our cloth diaper stash by dying some of our prefolds and flats. We though it might make changing endless wet diapers a bit more thrilling if they weren't all beige and white all the time.

We stopped by Fabricland yesterday and picked up some Dylon Cold dye in three different colours. This afternoon once Signal had gone down for his nap and Ru had left for work, I set about adding some colour to our stash. We're lucky enough to have metal sinks, so I was able to do the dying in there. First up were Tartan Green and Bahama Blue. In the first batches I did two premium prefolds in each sink, the amount of fabric recommended for getting the colour actually shown on the dye packet.

I then put a toddler prefold and a flat into the blue dye for a second round, and put a toddler prefold, a premium prefold, and a flat into the green dye. I knew that this would give me much paler shades of the same colour. The second round of blue is very pale, like a robin's egg shade, while the second batch of green is almost a sage colour.

Then came the Mexican Red. In the first go-around, I put two premium prefolds and a flat into the red. It was super vibrant, and I'm really happy with how bright it came out. Since I was dying unbleached cotton it came out a little more on the orange-y side, but I think it looks very nice.

I contemplated whether or not to do a second batch in the red dye at all, for fear that I might end up with a pink diaper. Not that I mind putting Signal in pink, particularly, but it wasn't really what I wanted to end up with. I decided that since the first diapers had come out more orange-y, I'd go ahead and dye a toddler prefold, figuring that I'd end up with a salmon colour. And that's exactly what I got!

And here they all are, after a trip through the washing machine, drying on our brand new drying rack from the Evil Empire. In this picture you can see the dark and light greens, the bright and light blues, and the red. The salmon must be on the back of the rack somewhere.

The whole dying process and the outcome were so enjoyable that I think I may do a few more of our premium prefolds and toddler prefolds with Dylon. I'd love to do a few in bright yellow (Sahara Sun) and maybe a deeper blue (like Moon Blue or Riviera Blue.) I also have some fabric waiting in the wings to embellish a few of our prefolds, so our stash is going to be looking pretty darn snazzy, if I do say so myself. Now if only the warm weather would come and Signal could spend more time in nothing but a diaper showing off the fruits of my labour.


MadJenny said...

That looks like fun!
I haven't dyed anything for years. Now I'm trying to figure out what I have that could do with some brightening.
That Signal's going to be one snazzily diapered dude.

kidletsmum said...

I am now suffering from diaper envy. What a great idea! I have got the strong urge to dye some prefolds around here too... although, where to get the dye? Must go looking..