Sunday, March 23, 2008

how the lame spend easter - a picture essay

first one must wear one's easter hat with one's pajamas

then one must be subjected to the indignity of donning one's winter gear, even though it is now spring, and easter to boot

then ones must look askance at one's mother

then one must walk out of one's apartment and past the church right across the street - the church at which one attended no holy week services, including the easter cantata on good friday

further up the street, one must delight in the appearance of BUDS

one must then make a quick stop at the bank...

... and at the tim hortons (it's roll up the rim to win time - one must still lose...)

then one must inspect the rapidly-but-not-rapidly-enough disappearing snow

after which one may revel in the daring debut of some particularly hearty grass in a sunny patch

and finally one may chase one's shadow (and one's mama's shadow) across the parking lot, all the way to the front door, an experience which might remind one's mama that one must at some point learn how to walk uphill

and finally, one might have noticed the name of a solicitor that one might think one's dear friend mad jenny will appreciate - see if you can find it!


kidletsmum said...

I'm guessing the Liquornik?

Looks like a lovely Easter day!

Christina said...

How I long to marry into THAT family someday.

Also, love the new profession noted at the bottom of the sign: "Lawyer / Avocat"

kidletsmum said...

BTW, this post made me very, very homesick. I don't like Tim Horton's and I never, ever win so much as a donut on Roll Up The Rim, but I nonetheless have the strong urge to be pushing my kids in a stroller alongside you and sipping on a coffee that I don't at all enjoy.

I miss you. Why is Thornhill so ridiculously far from Ankara?

MadJenny said...

I'm going to have to guess Liquornik too. S. Lawrence Liquornik is a pretty excellent name.

And that doesn't sound like a lame holiday at all! It sounds nice!

M said...

kidletsmum, you're right. Ankara's distance from Thornhill is terribly unfair. I need more (or at least one?) stay-at-home mom friend.