Thursday, March 20, 2008

in the night kitchen

Yesterday evening, the C-P Palace (as our apartment is affectionately know by our friends) had a slightly unexpected visitor. I say slightly, because we had seen some clues to this visitor's presence last week, but had yet to see them in action. Last night as we were watching TV however, we saw our visitor in all his/her glory.

Up and over (please ignore the pumpkin remains... it's a long story.)


And having a taste.

The bin that raccoon was trying to get into is filled with cat food. We've been storing on the back porch just to save space, and it seems that the raccoon could smell it even through the Rubbermaid container it's in. We've now put the bin with the food on the bottom and the bin filled with cat litter on top, but we'll have to keep an eye on the bin to make sure that the raccoon doesn't decide to chew through it.

It was kind of neat, seeing nature in the neighbourhood like that. We had seen a raccoon around the building once before, having a snack in the garbage dumpsters on garbage day. I had never seen one this close before though, not even in Shannon. Moose, porcupines, bears and skunks yes. But not raccoons. Hooray for nature!


Alex Elliot said...

Good luck with your visitor! So far we haven't had any raccoons, but my parents had them a lot.

kidletsmum said...

We don't have raccoons out in the prairies, so I had no idea when I first encountered a raccoon in Toronto that they're so big... or so nasty. My encounter involved one trying to tear through my window to get to cat food; Foo and Ben were terrified!

Julia said...

Watch out! Raccoons are super cute, but also disturbingly dextrous and often evil. They thrive in parts of downtown Toronto, particularly around the Don Valley, requiring professional help to have them removed from attics and garages once they set up shop. They're much cuter than rats or pigeons, but are a species that can thrive in cities. I remember thinking it so hilarious that they were featured with a popular exhibit at the zoo in Jardin des Plantes in Paris, while in Toronto they're often a pest. (There are no raccoons in Europe, and they're popular at the zoo because they play so much.)

We had a funny raccoon experience when we were living in Victoria. We'd seen them hanging around the backyard for a few days, on the roof of our laundry shed (because in Victoria it's so warm that you can keep washing machines in unheated, uninsulated sheds all winter), and the only precaution we'd taken was to keep the cat inside when it was getting dark. And then one morning I went to change the wash, and found that the hamper of dirty clothes we'd left there had been ravaged.

It was one of those tall plastic hampers with a lid and oval plastic holes on all the sides. They hadn't knocked it over or even opened the lid, but they had pulled almost all our clothes out through the little oval holes (which are only maybe 5 cm across at their widest). They didn't damage any of my clothes in the process, or most of Jeremi's, but every single pair of Jeremi's dirty underwear was completely destroyed, with claw marks tearing the crotch to shreds. I guess there was some smell they didn't like? (Or that they really, really, liked?)

It was pretty funny, but he needed a bunch of new underwear, and he was careful to always give them a wide berth after that. I hope your furry friend is only into the cat food...

Crafty Red Fox said...

Hello Mel! It was great to meet you and Ruthanne (sp?) Thanks for the support! I won't be at the show on Monday but my stuff will. I sell that stuff through too if you ever wanted more.

Yay SAHMs!
What sorts of things do you knit?