Saturday, March 15, 2008

kick gl-ass!

nothing says "spring" like an easter gift, and that's what this is:

we tried to find some in quebec last weekend, but even though m was totally exasperated with me for not compromising on something else, i am very glad that i stuck it out for the set of pyrex storage containers that i wanted. signal and i found them at the wal-mart in newmarket while m was at the dentist on friday morning.

aren't they pretty? why, you might be asking, would ru be so stoked about getting some pyrex glass storage containers for easter? well, as you may or may not already know, m and i are on a sort of quest to rid our home of unnecessary plastic. that includes all the ziploc and gladware containers that we use for leftovers and taking lunches to work.

it's happening little by little - i took a bowl to work so i don't have to reheat my foods in the plastic containers i was using to carry leftovers for lunch. and now i don't have to use the plastic containers! the three smallest containers (one round and two rectangular-ish) will be mine to carry in my ecobag permanent lunch sack, and the other larger containers will be ours to use at home for leftovers storage. and because they are pyrex, they are microwave / oven / freezer / refrigerator safe!

so, thanks j&p! happy easter!

coming soon - a photo essay about my lunch!

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