Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my two cuties

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday; Ru, Signal and I call have colds. It seems that both Ru and Signal are pretty well on their way to recovery, but I still really feel like crap. My head is stuffy, my nose is runny, and I can't taste a thing when I eat. I'm also feeling really tired. Alas. I should be happy that we've been sick so little this winter, frankly. Signal has only had three colds all season.

Ru stayed home from work yesterday to try and get a bit of rest and to try and let me rest too. I'm not really sure how well the resting worked, but I have to admit that it was nice to have someone to share Signal duty with.

With Ru home, Signal of course wanted to snuggle her and only her all day long. He wanted to be in her lap, and in her arms, and with her wherever she went. He sure does miss his Mama when she's at work all day. Since we didn't do a whole whole lot, I was able to get some cute pictures of my little family snuggling. Are they not the cutest things?

Ru's new hairdo.

Signal looking particularly sweet in Mama's hat.

My two sickies.

The second picture made me realize once again just how big our buddy's head is! That hat doesn't fit him much differently than it fits Ru. He was just so, so cute in it. I like him in stripes.

I hope that I start feeling better soon, since I have to be in fine form by Friday. That's the first day of the spring One of a Kind Show, and I need to get my shopping on. Please send healing vibes my way so that I can indulge in plenty of hand-crafted goodness!


MadJenny said...

Great pics!
Sorry everyone's sick though!
Hope you all feel better soon!

mamamilkers said...

Cute hair!!! I like Ru's glasses, too.

I hope you'll all be perfectly well soon!

Christina said...

I swear, this kid can smile with his eyes ... Tyra would be proud :-)

Dig the haircut, Ru!

Must. Log. Off. Cute. Overload.