Thursday, March 13, 2008

sorry ka... another diaper thread

Yesterday we received our first ever fitted diaper in the mail!

I am so, so stoked about it. It is a 3 step rise 1 size diaper from Muttaqin Baby. I had heard really good things about these diapers and was lucky enough to be able to snag one last time she stocked her store. It's nice in that it is very adjustable and will likely last Signal through to potty learning, and can be made small enough to fit a 10 pounder in case we have another baby. I also like that it is all natural fabrics in contact with Signal's skin (like with prefolds) but is more absorbant than prefolds without a doubler are. And, it's striped! How cute is that! We have to put a cover over it when he's got clothes on, but when he wore it for the first time last night I snapped some coverless pictures.

Not bulky through the bum.

Not too tight on the thighs.

A great fit in front without too high a rise. (Notice Signal happily locating his bee bo for you all.)

We'll never own a full stash of Mutts because they're just too pricey for us, but I can definitely see myself adding a few more to Signal's collection. The fit and cute prints just make diaper changes so much more enjoyable! If only they weren't to hard to get.

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