Monday, March 03, 2008

your pants go where?

Last night Signal was in absolutely no mood to get ready for bed. Even though 4 molars just arrived his eye teeth now seem to be working their way through, making him a rather cranky kid. And a cranky, sore, tired child isn't the most fun to get into a diaper and pajamas.

Instead of struggling and struggling with him, Ru decided that perhaps Signal might want to just wear his pj pants in a different way for a while. This was the result:

Crazy kiddo wore his pajama pants on his head for about 20 minutes before he'd let Ru get them onto his legs so we could actually get him down for the night. I think it was a rather clever strategy. Tantrum averted, fun photo shoot had, and a sleeping babe rocked down for the night in less than 20 minutes.

Parents are great improvisers.


MadJenny said...

Ha. I think all little boys like wearing pants, or underpants, on their head. It is a strange phenomenon, but I've never met a little boy who wasn't a fan of that.

Deranged Squirrel said...

Oops! Has he been hanging out with that turkey from Sandra Boynton's Blue Hat, Green Hat?

kidletsmum said...

Well done, Ru!

librariana said...

Nice! K strips now. Almost everywhere.