Sunday, April 20, 2008


My Mom is in town! Woo hoo! We're having lots of fun and getting out a lot to walk and play outside and do generally fun things. However, all of this activity and excitement has us all beat.

It's Sunday. Right now Ru is at work, and I'm (obviously) here updating the blog. And both Signal and my mom are napping. Yep. Napping. Signal napped for 2.5 hours yesterday. Mom has been going to bed at 10pm. Poor Ru had to work yesterday and today, and I think she's feeling really tired too. And so am I. Despite being allowed to sleep in by Mom and Ru, I'm exhausted.

I'm sorry this post is so darn boring. I'm too tired to think. But I knew that my dad would be jonesing for some new pictures. Here you go Opa!

Signal eating a craker while sitting on the stoop.

I'll try to get some pictures of my mom and Signal today and update the blog with a more intelligent post tomorrow. Hopefully.

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