Wednesday, April 30, 2008

day tripping

Last Sunday Signal, Ru, my mom and I hit the road and drove to St. Jacobs for the day. When visiting us, Mom always likes to spend one day out of the city seeing what's around. When she was here in the fall we went to Stratford for the day. We contemplated heading back to Stratford again this time, but I though Mom would like the antique shops and market in St. Jacobs that I had heard so much about.

Since we went on a Sunday, we were only able to go to the small market. Their large market complex is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays. The population around St. Jacobs is largely Mennonite, and they don't sell on Sundays. But we did have fun at the small market buying chocolate, small snacks and fresh green peas!

We then hit the village proper and spent some time shopping on the main street. We had delicious coffee and muffins at Stone Crock Bakery, spent a little too much money at Treadle & Company, browsed many an antique shop, and bought Signal a toy broom at Hamel Broom.

A mural on a downtown store.

Mural detail.

A picture for Opa - check out the car!

Signal telling us he's done for the day.

We'll definitely be headed back to St. Jacobs again this summer, likely on a Saturday so we can check out the large market. And Mom will be getting something from Treadle & Company for her birthday, since she wanted to buy everything in the store but was remarkably restrained. If you're in southern Ontario, be sure to check out St. Jacobs if you haven't already. It's a lot of fun!

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MadJenny said...

You know, I've never been. Crazy since I grew up so close, but there it is. Maybe I will stow away in your car next time you go!