Tuesday, April 01, 2008

just desserts, or, a recipe for happiness

a couple of weekends ago, a friend of ours, ka, sister to the illustrious deranged squirrel, ushered us into the world of pastry genius. i introduce to you, with complete illustrated instructions, Waffles Dietrich (so named for ka & a's mom, who, to the best of my knowledge, actually invented this ambrosia):

Ingredients / Tools

4 store brand frozen waffles (those pictured are from the Evil Empire)
2 half-slices (i.e. 1 slice, cut in half) of an ice cream block (the one pictured is a good one)
one toaster (chrome finish optional)
one big knife (tipless henkels butcher-style knife optional)

Step One

Place waffles in toaster, push down

Step Two

Cut slice of ice cream while waiting for toaster to pop - don't make it too thick (can't be greedy) but don't make it too thin (can't be stingy)

Step Three

Cut slice of ice cream in half - the checkerboard pattern will assist with this task

Step Four

Once toaster pops, wave each waffle in the air to cool it before placing one in the bowl/plate

(no photo here - if you can't figure out how to wave a waffle in the air and then place it in a bowl/plate, then you are not worthy of Waffles Dietrich)

Step Five

Place one half-slice of ice cream on one waffle

Step Six

Place second waffle on top of ice cream half-slice, making a "sandwich"

Step Seven



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