Thursday, April 17, 2008

mint chocolate chip wool

And now for another cloth diapering post...

On Tuesday, we received Signal's first ever wool diaper cover in the mail. Can I just tell you how excited I was?? Wool makes a great diaper cover because it is very breathable. This means that baby's skin gets a lot of air, and this prevents rashes. When properly lanolized, wool is very water resistant, and soft to boot!

We ordered Signal a custom-made pair of wool shorts from Juju Bean Boutique on Hyenacart. We got to pick the size and colours, and I couldn't be happier. I asked for shorts similar to some I had seen her make before, where the dye was done to look kind of like camouflage. She really did a great job! The shorts are so boyish and cute. I was thinking they were rather rugged and military-like, but someone I shower the pictures to said that they looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream. That's fine by me too, since it's my favourite flavour.

He wore the shorts all morning yesterday over various diapers and they performed really well. Now my only problem is that I want more! I mean, who doesn't want more cute shorts for summer? If only I was independently wealthy.


kidletsmum said...

I am all envy, once again. Those are super cute. I want them too.
When you're independently wealthy, will you buy some for us too?

M said...

I will! I will! Our small tax return is in the works, and while a lot is going towards car maintenance, we're going to be keeping a bit for each of us to spend as fun money. Is it bad that I want to spend MY fun money on wool for HIM?

kidletsmum said...

Yay! You are too kind.

It is not bad. It shows you are a great momma. No tax return for us, as we don't pay taxes... but I spent a huge chunk of my birthday money on new books for my kids.

Autumn said...

I have heard awesome things about Ju Ju Bean! Are they hard to get? I have 1 pair of sustainablebabyish pants that I LOVE but I can't get anymore :( I need to find good interlock that is obtainable.

Autumn Beck