Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rock on

We didn't get a chance to blog these photos over the weekend, and I wanted to make sure they got up on the blog, so here they are. At J.G.'s farewell party on Friday, we played both Guitar Hero II and SingStar Legends on PS2. And Signal, being the music-loving kid that he is, couldn't have been happier. Even though it was well past his bedtime, he sat absolutely enthralled in front of the TV. He watched the characters on the screen. He watched us with the guitars and microphones. He danced and clapped a ton. It was great!

Signal eating a snickerdoodle and watching the screen.

Clapping, despite some truly terribly performances.

Excited little man.

He's such a musical kid. I love that, of course, because it means a lot of singing and dancing goes on during our day together. And everyone who knows me knows that I' a big fan of singing and dancing. All of his excitement over Guitar Hero has Ru and I thinking maybe we should get something similar for our GameCube. Of course, there are more important things to spend our tax return on. Sigh.

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ru said...

not really more important. just more ... adult. and thus lame. and trying to be important!