Monday, April 07, 2008

shoes for spring

Yesterday afternoon Ru and I were very excited to head out to the mall and get Signal his first ever pair of Crocs! We love Crocs. We don't care if you think they're ugly (yes K, I'm talking to you!) They're comfy and flexible and I find them great for walking long distances. And with weather that's supposed to be in the double digits all week long, we figured that Signal needed to share in our Croc love.

Because we're librarians, and we like to over think things, I have to admit that it took us a while to decide what colour Crocs to get for our little boy. We liked the orange and yellow, but though that they'd probably show dirt really quickly and look worn out before they actually were. We though of getting him brown like mine, but decided it was perhaps a tad boring for a little one. We would have loved red, but didn't find any red Crocs in his size at the 4 stores in the mall we popped in to (he's in a 6/7.) In the end we went with navy. Dark, relatively gender-neutral, and they'll go with the plethora of shorts we got him from second hand stores for this summer.

Happy Croc season everyone! Now to get Signal a pair of rain boots that fit... the ones I bought him for this spring are already too small.

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kidletsmum said...

We are huge crocs fans here. Who cares if they are ugly? THey are comfy.
The Kidlet has more pairs than I can count. (By the way, the light coloured ones hold up spectacularly well under toddler beatings.)
I want some Mary Janes like yours. THat will be my present to me this summer.