Wednesday, May 28, 2008

he has been seen!

bigfoot, that is! we found him lurking, right there under our noses!

back in early march, we bought signal a pair of little brown velcro shoes from basically barefoot. i say little. they were littler than my shoes at the time. they were a size 7. keep in mind, size 7 is the high end of average for 18 month old toddler boys - signal was 15 months old at the time.

we had a really warm spell here a couple of weeks back, and signal spent some time in his crocs and his little columbia sandals (which are not linked because they were second-hand, and it would appear that columbia is no longer making anything so straightforward as a basic navy blue sandal) instead of closed-toe shoes, enjoying the breeze on his tootsies.

so this week, when the mercury dipped into the single digits again (that would be celsius, for those of you who still think single digits means the next ice age [and THAT means the 40s in degrees F]), we trotted out the old brown shoes. popped 'em on. and found his toes curled up against the front of the shoe.


so, let's see, it been, oh, 2? maybe 2 and a half, if we are being generous, months. sigh. and the person we wanted to custom order soft leather sandals from for the summer has decided to stop taking custom orders and has no in-stock shoes in signal's size. so it looks like we might be going for these. cute. corporate. but still cute. and at least they were, at some point long past, developed by a SAHM. who then sold her little cottage industry for a fortune. not that i am bitter. or jealous!

so, let this be a warning to you all. mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be bigfoot. (and by the way, dc, i totally blame you!)

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