Tuesday, May 06, 2008

monkey see, monkey do

After another less-than-prefect night of sleep, Ru decided that we needed a treat this morning and should go to Tim Horton's to get coffee! Woo hoo! We needed to go to the post office anyhow; stopping at Tim's was going to make our morning outing even more fun.

We mailed out the diaper cover that I am trading with another mom for a fitted diaper, and then hit Tim Hortons. A large two cream/one sugar for me, an extra large for Ru (I think she got it black?), and two sweet treats. Yummy. And nice on a grey and rainy Tuesday morning for two tired moms.

We had our coffees and Danishes while Signal had his lunch. He had fresh green pea soup, corn chips, a kiwi and some yogurt mixed with flax seed. Pretty darn healthy compared to what we were consuming. He finished everything up and got cleaned up and was then running around the living room before his nap. Ru and I were chatting, and the next thing we heard was Signal declaring "All gone! All gone!" We immediately looked over and saw this scene:

Luckily, it really was all gone. I can only imagine the mess that would have occurred had Signal managed to come across an even partially full Tim Horton's cup. Not to mention how hard it would have been to get him down for a nap had he really ingested some coffee. Good heavens.

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ru said...

actually, it was a double-double. desperate times and all.