Sunday, June 01, 2008

bean bag bliss

Ru, Signal and I went to brunch at our friends J & J's house today. They are due with their first child in less than two weeks, and this was the last time we'll see them before they are parents. J is looking really really great for someone due so soon. I don't think I looked that good when Signal was preparing to make his entrance. Little did I know that 10 days before my due date meant that I had 20 more to go!

We had a delicious brunch of peppered bacon, french toast, coffee, juice, yogurt, fresh berries and muffins. Signal was absolutely in love with J's french toast, and rightly so. I think it might have been the best french toast I've ever had, at a restaurant or otherwise. I need to get that recipe! Signal also got to play in J & J's back yard and feed the fish in their pond. He was too cute. It really made me wish that we had more space for him to play in here in our apartment. I think I really need to make it a point to get him out to the park more often to play and burn off some energy.

While at J & J's, Signal fell in love with an enormous green velour bean bag chair. He had a great time climbing on it and sitting in it. As we were getting ready to leave, J & J offered us the chair! We don't have a whole lot of extra space going on, but Signal liked the chair so much that I couldn't say no. It's already become a hit with all our "kids."

I'm guessing that A (ofter referred to as our oldest) will also find the bean bag chair very conducive to her usual after supper nap. Thanks J & J for our great new chair, and we look forward to seeing you and the new baby really soon!

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omaopa said...

Wow!! Signal looks right at home in that chair and looks quite prime-ministerial in a photo shoot!! As for J & J what a nice gesture on their part!! And even if she doesn't get an after-dinner nap, A can still relax while reading to Siggie as she so often does.