Saturday, June 14, 2008


Turns out that while Signal certainly loves to eat beans (red, black, refried), he likes playing with beans even more! With no back yard to have a sand and water table in, Ru and I got a bit crafty with something that Signal could pour and dump with. While I'm sure we'll spend some time this summer in the sandbox at the park, this is great for keeping him entertained when we're indoors. He has played with his beans first thing in the morning for a few days now while I drink my coffee and attempt to gain consciousness.

Fun, no? And since they're in a container with a lid they're also portable. I have a feeling that the bean bin will be coming with us on our trip out east this summer.

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Deranged Squirrel said...

That's funny. I saw the bean bin and assumed you were trying to keep the cats out. I wondered why there was no water in it for soaking. Of course then I got distracted by microwave s'mores and forgot to ask.