Thursday, June 26, 2008


Knowing that Signal loves bubbles, his Grandma bought him a bubble machine shaped like a dinosaur to play with this summer. We broke it our for the first time while Grandma and Grandpa were over so Grandma could see Signal's reaction to it.

Let me tell you that it was a hit. First off, the thing blows about a million bubbles at a time in big clouds that are a whole heck of a lot of fun to run through. Second of all, it's in the shape of a "di-saur." Third, we allowed Signal to run around in the back yard with Grandpa while playing with it. What a treat! (Please excuse the rather odd outfit Signal's got on. He was still in his pyjama top, but we'd switched him into wool shorties. Not so matchy-matchy.)

We've used the machine every single day since we first opened it. I think we're even going to bring it on vacation with us this summer so that Signal can play with bubbles on the beach. Thanks Grandma for the cool gift!

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