Thursday, June 19, 2008

crazy like that

I'm sure you all remember that about a month ago we had to turn Signal forward facing in the car because he had maxed out the rear facing weight on his Britax Marathon. Since then, a new car seat was released on the Canadian market, called The First Years True Fit. Instead of rear facing to 30 pounds, it rear faces to 35 pounds! At first I didn't think anything of it, but the fact that Signal was forward facing began weighing more and more heavily on my mind.

As a Child Restraint Systems Technician, I felt really badly about having Signal facing forward when I knew that there was a seat to accommodate him on the market, especially considering that children under 2 who are forward facing are more than 4 times as likely to be injured in crashes that those who are rear facing. I ended up having a very vivid nightmare in which we were in a car accident that involved a roll over, so I spoke to Ru about it some more. And we took the plunge, dipped into our savings account, and got a True Fit.

It's an even bigger seat than the Marathon. I really like the width of the seat and all the shoulder room Signal has in it. I also like that it harnesses to 65 pounds. It 's very plush and was simple enough for me to install in our Ford Focus. I don't like the harness on it as much as I like that of the Marathon, but I'll deal with it to keep him rear facing. We've got 4 pound left rear facing in the True Fit, so my hope is to make it to at least his 2nd birthday. I think we'll get there no problem; maybe I'll luck out and it'll be even longer! The Marathon will now be our second seat, so I can install it in other people's cars if Ru is out for the day with ours. And hopefully we'll get a chance to us it rear facing again for another baby.

Here's the big man, rocking his new seat. Doesn't it look comfy?

If you're looking for a new convertible seat, I recommend you take a peek at the True Fit. With it's large size it might not work for everyone, but for the price with all the features it has, I think it's a very good buy.

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