Thursday, June 05, 2008

recent art

Signal has been on a huge drawing kick recently. We go through many, many pieces of paper a day. His wax crayons have seen better days - the paper is starting to come off and they're getting awfully dull. But the important thing is that he's having fun!

When drawing, Signal always likes Mommy or Mama to participate by adding a cat to his paper. He'll then tell us all the parts of the cat's face: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers. Once the cat has been drawn, he'll ask us to spell the word "meow" for him, telling us each letter we need: m, e, o, and w. Yep. He can spell meow. Don't ask me why. Or how. But he can!

Once we've drawn a cat on his paper, he proceeds to colour all over it. Often obliterating the cat and the word "meow" in the process. He really likes to draw with black, blue and purple. And he pushes on his crayons really hard to create very bold lines. He's an abstract artist, Signal is. Lots of crazy squiggles.

For your viewing pleasure, here are 4 pieces that Signal drew this week. You can play "I Spy" looking for the cat faces and the word "meow" in the pieces. They're in three of the four drawings.

We have so many drawings like this that I'm starting not to know what to do with them. I have a whole huge stack under the coffee table, but that isn't a terribly good long-term solution to art and craft storage. Do any of you parents out there have a great system for keeping your children's art? If you do, please let us know!

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mamamilkers said...

Photograph them, then display them, then recycle them. You always have the photos!