Saturday, July 05, 2008

first beach day

Yesterday, despite both Signal and I being rather under the weather, we decided to take our friend A up on an invitation to head out to her family's cottage in Amberley. We weren't super keen on the idea of a 3-hour drive each way with a sick toddler, but the call of the beach was just too much. We hadn't been to the cottage since the summer that I was pregnant with Signal. It seemed fitting somehow to take him back to the beach I had walked along with him in my tummy. And it was indeed worth it.

When we arrived in Amberley we discovered that a rather strong wind was making it pretty chilly. I wasn't feeling up to getting into the water, but Ru and Signal did! Signal was really impressed by the waves and by the doggy who was also swimming. Fun times!

Ru and Signal prepare to enter the water.

They are joined by a very tentative A.

More than the water though, Signal loved the sand. Loved it. Played for a very, very long time with his shovel and pail and mini watering can. Wanted to scoop and dump and scoop some more. It was just about the cutest thing ever. He looked so grown up there on the beach playing with his toys; it was hard for me to think back to the summer that I was pregnant with him. It seems so foreign and far away now.

"More wa-wa peas, Mama!"

Our cutie.

We're thinking that Signal's love of sand will come in handy when we head out east on vacation. Sandy beaches here we come!

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omaopa said...

great pictures!! Can't wait to see you.