Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yes, we're back. In fact, we've been back in the city since late Friday night. But with unpacking and follow-up chest x-rays and prepping for a house guest, we've been a little busy. Okay, a lot busy. I am taking a moment out of moving a bunch of stuff around the apartment to cool down and blog while Signal enjoys some Mr. Rogers.

I thought I'd start the blog update with some pictures from the wedding of our friends Julia and Jérémi. It took place in lovely St. Ignace, New Brunswick on July 19th. Signal was lucky enough to be a member of the wedding party, and got to wear a sweet little linen suit made by the bride herself. There was also a large amount of delicious Ukranian food on hand, made by Julia's mother and grandmother. A wedding featuring Baba's perogies might be just about the best thing ever.

Peering out at the arriving guests.

Mama kisses for a fancy boy.

Mommy is all dressed up too.

Signal had a great time hanging out with O, Julia's nephew, and managed to actually get all the way down the aisle despite some rather suspicious glances at those in attendance. He loved the roasted pork, and had a fun time inspecting the beer canoe and the tents set up in Jérémi's parents' backyard for those roughing it for the night.

Fast friends.

Just married!

The wedding party in all their hand-made finery.

Pooped after a long and eventful day.

Congrats to you guys, Julia and Jérémi! I hope that your whirlwind trip to Canada was a lot of fun and that the wedding was everything you hoped it would be. I'll have you know that the Martin Luther chocolate is slowly being consumed in all its delicious glory.

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kidletsmum said...

Mossed you and glad you're back! I am EXTREMELY envious of the Baba perogies. I loooooove perogies. And I cannot get them in Turkland.

Hmmm... maybe I should go find out how to make them...