Thursday, August 14, 2008

busy biblical scholar

today there was oodles of cuteness. signal has shown a sudden interest in his "busy bible", a gift from grandma and grandpa in texas. it has single page picture representations of common bible stories, each with a chapter and verse reference. each page, as well, is interactive - that is, the page for jesus' birth has an empty stable and felt characters that can be arranged therein; the page for peter goes fishing has five felt fish attached to the page with snaps and a net you can put them in when you pull them off; that sort of thing.

signal is particularly fond of pulling the fish off their snaps and putting them in the net.

he also likes trying to put the fish back on their snaps.

he also has a great affinity for king solomon's treasures, particularly the shiny gemstone necklace.

he also seemed to find it amusing that king solomon's treasure chest contained a roll of small, monopoly-sized fake US $50 bills. he would pull them out one by one, toss them on the couch and say "solomon american!" (i suppose i could be slightly fabricating that last bit, but he did say it once, after i said "oh, king solomon must have been american!")

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