Wednesday, August 20, 2008

inquisitive minds

On Sunday, Ru, Signal and I took advantage of our membership to the Ontario Science Centre and met up with our friends R and G and their son N for a morning of fun. We got there at opening and let me tell you - that's the time to hit the Science Centre! When we got to the KidSpark area, there were only one or two other families there. It was great, because Signal and N got to play with whatever they wanted as much as they wanted, and we didn't have to worry too much about sharing or waiting.

The boys had a ton of fun, running from station to station and not having to worry about being too loud. We of course kept them close at hand, but it was so nice for them to be able to really explore the area and gets their hands on things. Hooray for science and discovery stuff really geared for the preschool set!

In the first area we hit, the boys got to explore some play instruments and strum along to tunes while watching themselves on a big wall-mounted TV. Impromptu toddler music video!

Signal, being the texture-oriented guy that he is, had a lot of fun checking out the texture table.

N and Signal then launched a lot of balls down ramps, seeing who could get them to do more loops and roll farther. This of course required some boosts up to the top of the ramps, but Mama was more than happy to help!

After playing with balls the boys hit the play market and had a grand old time filling their baskets with items and then ringing them through the register. Signal was of course very heavy on the fruits and vegetables, putting tons of red peppers and mangoes in his basket.

Once they were done in the market, they went wild in the water area. After all, there aren't too many boys (or Mamas) out there who don't love to get a little wet. The Science Centre provides cute little aprons to try and keep the kids dry, but we found that they weren't terribly useful. After running his hands through the waterworks, Signal spent the rest of the morning with wet armpits.

The last section we explored before heading home was the mat area. Lots of soft areas for jumping and resting, and a fish tank to boot! Signal was truly a cutie and listened remarkably well all morning long. No tantrums, little fussing, and a sunny disposition. Can't complain about that!

Perhaps Sunday morning Science Centre outings will become a monthly event for our little family.


MadJenny said...

Dude! That sounds so fun! I haven't been there for years, but I'd forgotten they had so much play stuff. If, indeed, they had the play stuff back then. What a fabulous morning outing!

I totally want to give those ramps a shot...

kidletsmum said...

Sounds like great fun! I want to go too!