Sunday, August 03, 2008


In Ontario, tomorrow is a statutory holiday. Meaning that Ru doesn't have to go in to work. For once, a holiday Monday has actually coincided with her regular 3-day weekend, giving her four days off from work in a row. Fun times!

After letting me sleep until 11:30 this morning, I am going to treat her to a lie-in tomorrow. This is a big deal. I have always required a great deal of sleep, ever since I was a child. Without enough sleep, I am a cranky horrible mess during the day. Before kids, I would routinely sleep 12 hours a night. It was glorious. But since Signal is such a cruddy sleeper and I generally have to be up at 8:30am to take care of him when Ru heads to work, I don't really get those 12 hours anymore. Ru very graciously lets me sleep in on the mornings she can though. Based on today's wake-up time for me, you can see that I happily take advantage.

Tomorrow, though, I will rise with the kiddo when he awakes for the day (generally around 6:00am) and let Ru sleep as long as she wants to. I won't like it I'm sure, but I bet that there are morning that she doesn't like getting up at six either. If she chooses to sleep until 7:30am (which is what she did last time I offered to let her sleep in), I will not begrudge her the fact that she was unable to sleep later. And if she chooses to sleep past noon, I will try to keep Signal from making too much noise outside our bedroom door.

Then maybe, just maybe when she gets up I'll head back to bed. I am after all a girl who needs a lot of sleep.

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