Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the toddler and the jackhammer

My brain is going to explode. No, not because Signal has been acting up. And not because the cats have been bad, or because Ru and I have been fighting. Nope, my brain is going to explode because of the deafening noise that has been racking our house for the past week.

Because of some leaking issues that have been plaguing our building's underground parking, they are tearing up the entirety of the back yard. You see, the back yard sits on a giant concrete slab, and the draining just hasn't been sufficient. So they whole thing is coming up, including the back balconies of everyone who lives on the first floor off the yard, and they're going to fix the drainage.

Now, since it's all concrete slab and brick walls, there has been a lot of jackhammering going on. A lot. Quite a bit of it right outside our windows, since they had to dismantle our back balcony. The noise has been earth-shattering. And it's been fairly continuous. We've been lucky in that for the most part the workers have been on their lunch break during Signal's nap time, but it hasn't been the case every day. I am proud to say, however, that yesterday the kid napped for 3 hours despite the noise. Woo hoo!

On the upside, all of the workers with their cool machines have given Signal lots of entertainment too. He likes to stand in the window in the living room or on the bed in the spare bedroom and watch the men work. They swing hammers. They drive mini scoopers. And of course they jackhammer. It's great entertainment for a toddler!

As you can see from the pictures, it's also been a rather dirty and dusty affair. For the time being we're keeping our windows closed at all times and relying on the A/C for air cooling. Not ideal, but whay can you do? Hopefully they'll be done soon and we can go back to our rather peaceful existence, with only the noise of a toddler to be heard.


Jen said...

My mom's street has been dug up for the past month, at least - new storm sewer, water pipes, etc. It is preschooler HEAVEN. Backhoes, steamrollers, bulldozers, it's all there, in loving color, RIGHT IN FRONT OF OMA'S HOUSE.

Her house has been shaken terribly - I wouldn't be surprised if she finds some cracks, but at least she has drywall and not plaster - all of the pictures hang askew at the end of the day...from the steamroller. So I feel your pain with the tooth-rattling. But it sure is a thrill for the little ones!

ps: the word verification is 'ugfty'. Now THERE's a fine exclamation... or is it an adjective?

kidletsmum said...

What fun! Minus the noise, of course.

Azura said...

I was going to ask you how you're holding up. It's noisy up here too, but I doubt it's as noisy as down there!!