Friday, September 19, 2008

couldn't not post, really

I am sure that some of you know that Ru and I are toying with the idea of homeschooling Signal when he gets to be older. I mean, we do a lot of learning at home now, but we're considering not enrolling him in school and doing our own thing, possibly with the provincial curriculum, when he's old enough.

Because it is something that we are seriously considering, I do a lot of reading about different approaches to homeschooling. I like to know about different curricula, different tactics, different things that have worked or not worked for different families. It helps me feel informed and prepared so that I can make the right decisions for Signal when the time comes.

Today, I came across something that I felt I couldn't not comment on. I had never heard of No Greater Joy Ministries before today. I kind of wish I had never heard of them, because the ideas that they spread make me sad. But I wanted to blog about them because I want people to know that they exist, I guess. To make people aware and wary.

Michael and Debi Pearl preach "child training." They teach that a 3 month old who cries and is picked up is being trained to control the adults in its life. They teach people to swat 6 month olds with a wooden spoon or flexible tubing when they throw something they shouldn't. They say that it's good for children to obey out of a fear of being spanked. It honestly horrifies me. I am not the prefect parent by any means. But I can't imagine hitting a young baby because they were tired or hungry or frustrated.

They sell homeschooling materials. Which, obviously, I will never buy. But hopefully by blogging about No Greater Joy Ministries people will know exactly what they stand for and preach before purchasing their materials. While I am all for people making their own decisions when it comes to teaching their children, I really hope that they won't choose a method of teaching that centers around corporal punishment and shame.


mamamilkers said...

It is interesting that I read this on your blog today because there is a story in the Seattle Times about Tedd Tripp and his book "Shepherding a Child's Heart". He believes that "God calls parents to spank their children" and he is going to be speaking at a chruch in my nrighborhood. Gag. It's so awful. Here's a link to the story:

MadJenny said...

Good grief. Reading further into their site one learns that their training materials have been/are being translated into over 70 languages! Also frightening - they are doing targetted marketing to families in stress - military families serving abroad - by sending them free packages of their "best materials". Calling these things "encouragement packages". If you look more closely - they send two packages - one to the husband who is abroad, and one to the little wife back home. Bah. If I were a military family this would not make me feel encouraged in any way.

It also appears to function along the lines of a pyramid scheme, with 360 distributors of the propaganda in over 14 countries.

I was reading one of the bits about spanking (aka giving 'licks') where they tell the parent to follow a child who is running away from a spanking, and to then sit on the child in order to keep him/her in place to receive their licks. Appalling! I am hopping made over here.

TulipGirl said...

I have to assume that the Pearls' hearts started in the right place. . . but their teachings are oh-so-harmful. It's heartbreaking.

There are a LOT of great, positive homeschooling materials and people who have wonderful insights on teaching children out there! Don't be discouraged! But definitely stay away from the Pearls.

omaopa said...

As a military family ourselves, I can't imagine this stuff having any positive effect either on the deployed parent or the stay-at-home one. Ask M! What is the point of training children to be afraid of you?? Control maybe...but not for long!! And no respect at any time!

kidletsmum said...

Ack, eek, and egads! This is one homeschooling mum who sure as heck will not be buying anything from these freaks!