Thursday, October 30, 2008

fun with playsilks

After not having played with them for quite some time, Signal pulled out his playsilks after supper tonight and he and Mama had a grand old time with them. They were used to play peek-a-boo, used to make wind, and most of all used to dress up.

Signal decided that he wanted to be a princess, and wear his red silk as a skirt. He was prancing around rather cutely when he also grabbed his pirate silk and told Ru he wanted to wear it as a pirate hat. This resulted in the following outfit: Signal the Pirate Princess.

I think he looks rather fetching in a headscarf. I'll have to remember that as a hat alternative when summer returns to our cold land.


ru said...

i do thank you for not recording for posterity the loveliness that was me in a lime green pirate princess "skirt" (aka loin cloth!).

omaopa said...

Oh no!! Don't tell me we're going to miss that!! Quick - get them up before they are erased from the camera!

kidletsmum said...

Fetching, indeed!

We haven't got any playsilks... maybe I should try to get some...

By the way, I think EcoKid and Signal have some trans-Atlantic connection going on; she dressed up as a Princess Spiderman on Wednesday.

M said...

I actually didn't get any shots of Ru's green loin cloth. Sorry!

And playsilks really are a good investment. They're good for all kinds of things.