Saturday, October 18, 2008

like mother, like son

My cousin L likes to tell a certain story about me. It happened when I was about two, and she and her friend were babysitting me. They were giving me a bubble bath before bed, and my Miss Piggy doll was sitting on the side of the tub. At some point during bath time, Miss Piggy fell in. I then stood, covered in bubbles, and exclaimed "I'm so disgusted!" Yep. At two, I had a very good sense of the dramatic.

Fast forward some 27 years. Ru and Signal and I have just finished up our weekly trip to the grocery store. Even though Signal protests about having to go every week, it's done and he's now chatting excitedly in the back seat. Telling us "That was fun!" and "I like the grocery store." As we pull out of the store parking lot, Signal asks for "More grocery store." We politely tell him that we're all done, and we have to go home to put away all of the things we bought. Much sighing starts up. And then, he exclaims "That's so depressing."

Oh yes. Our 22 month old was depressed to be leaving Loblaws. Can you just imagine the drama when this kid hits his teens??


My name is Andy. said...

Too cute!!

Wendy said...

Awesome vocabulary for such a young lIttle man!!