Tuesday, November 04, 2008

as we suspected

On Friday night we didn't take Signal trick-or-treating. We hadn't planned on going out all along, as I though that walking in the mostly dark with a toddler who gets easily spooked by people in costume might be a bit much. Add to that the fact that he came down with an icky cold on Wednesday, and it just wasn't a good idea.

Signal also isn't very interested in candy, having more of a savory tooth like his Mama. Which would have left me, pregnant Mommy, with a bunch of candy to eat. While tasty, I'm not sure that my midwives would have appreciated the pounds I would have packed on eating 100 mini chocolate bars. Sadness.

We did take Signal down to the lobby of our building to get one bag of candy from our superintendent L though, whom he gets along with swimmingly. He wore his red playsilk as a skirt and walked down and dutifully said "trick-or-treat!" For that he was rewarded with a small bag of assorted candies and a bag of cheese puffs. As we suspected, the candy wasn't much of a hit. He ate a few rockets, but refused Swedish Berries. Signal did, however, chow down very happily on that bag of cheese puffs.

He made his Mama proud!

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