Thursday, November 20, 2008

digging in

this is it, folks. the final push. i have three days off work that started this evening at 5pm. i don't have to be back until monday at 1pm.

in that time, we will clean the rest of our cr*p out of the apartment (the "old house" as signal calls it), clean it up to the best of our ability, throw the keys in the super's mail slot, and say sayonara to dudley towers forever! (oh, god, i hope! - not that it was a bad place to live; it would just seem like going backwards to move back in...)

then i will work on monday and tuesday evenings. and then on early early early wednesday morning, so early, in fact, that it barely qualifies as wednesday, we will leave for oklahoma city for american thanksgiving. then back on december 1.


all this to say - don't expect an update until december 2. but that update SHOULD include some photos. at this rate, the next time you see a photo, signal will have graduated from high school!

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kidletsmum said...

Happy Early Thanksgiving!