Wednesday, November 05, 2008

in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the...

(that's "the lion sleeps tonight" for all you who don't know the song!!)

we got zeus shorn today. he has a terrible problem with matted fur, since there is just so much of it. so we took him in for a lion cut. they left him his "mane."

and they left him the little lionish tuft at the end of his tail.

and they left him four little boots on each of his fluffy little feet.

he seems a little miffed at us right now, but he did purr a bit this evening when m petted him. so he is on his way to forgiving us. perhaps in the seven months it takes for his coat to grow back in, he can come to terms with it, just before we do it to him again!


kidletsmum said...

Poor Zeus! He looks terribly cute though.

ru said...

he is very cute. and he is crazy soft. and surprisingly muscle-y. just before we went to bed, he did join me on the couch, so i think we might be on the road to recovery.

Azura said...

Poor naked Zeus :)
I like the lion tuft on his tail!