Tuesday, December 09, 2008

big birthday boy

Despite the loss of Noelle on Thursday, we decided to go ahead with Signal's birthday party on Saturday as planned. I was hoping that a little joy and a lot of friends would help us all feel better. And it did indeed work.

Signal had a great time. There were two other toddlers and one baby there, as well as a good many adults. We ate appetizers and pizza, drank juice and soda, talked and sang, and of course had cake and presents! Signal did a great job of sharing with his friends, and liked all of his gifts so much. He wanted to play with each one as he unwrapped it, so it took forever to get through all of the lovely gifts everyone had brought. And he's been playing with everything non-stop ever since. Come bedtime he's been telling us "I don't want to sleep. I want to play!"

Here are a lot of pictures from his big day. As you can see it was quite the event!

Signal and Mama get started on the unwrapping.

Reading a new book with S.

Really exited about his trucks from L, C, and K.

Reading more books and eating.

Mommy helps Signal unwrap his gnomes.

A reads a card to Signal and N.

K, a silly S, and J.

Checking out the Viewmaster.

His requested cake with strawberries.

Singing to the birthday boy.

T and A singing too.

The guys looking at cake.

Signal actually eating cake! A rare occurrence.

Why yes, there are more presents to open.

Playing with his Playmobil.

I honestly can't believe that it's been two years since Signal joined our little family. It really seems like just a few months ago that I was in the hospital having him. While I know that his birthday will never seem quite the same to me, coming so close on the heels of Noelle's birthday, it will always be a day I look forward to. How could we not want to celebrate such a wonderful boy?

Way to be 2, Signal! Mommy and Mama love you to the moon and back.


kidletsmum said...

Glad the party was so great! Loooove playmobil. We're huge fans.

And wow. Signal looks so darn grown up. What a big boy.

omaopa said...

Great pics Mel - can't wait for New Year's. Love & hugs all around.

Azura said...

Happy birthday Signal! Hard to believe he's two already :)