Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sunday was Signal's last gymnastics class. He's been taking tot's gymnastics (with Ru) at Gymalaya since September. We decided to sign him up for the class when we realized that while Signal's language and fine motor skills are ahead of the curve, he's not that great with gross motor activities. I think that the class has helped a lot, and he seemed to have a lot of fun too. Despite the fact that Ru reported a melt down 45 minutes into the hour-long class nearly every week, Signal always wanted to go back. He must have liked something about it!

Since it was the last class, all of the kids were allowed to have "spectators" in the room with them, and we were allowed to take pictures and video if we wanted to. Since I had managed to observe a grand total of zero classes in his entire session, it was a lot of fun to see what he had been up to all this time. It was fun to watch him walking on the balance beam, jumping on the trampoline (although he really still can't jump... it was more like his teacher jumping and him being dragged along...), and hanging from the rings. He seemed like such a big boy doing all of those things!

Going along the double bars.

Hanging out.

Textured mats.

Up the little climbing mat.

Walking on the beam.

Strong boy on the rings.

Receiving his "Champion" ribbon.

Two cuties all done!

We want to sign him up for another session after the holidays, but sadly there isn't a Sunday morning session. What we liked about Sunday mornings was that it gave Ru an opportunity to hang out with Signal one-on-one, which she gets to do less than me because she's at work all week. We'll have to see - maybe gymnastics will be Mommy and Signal time in the new year.


Julia said...

I love the inclined climbing mat with the alphabet grips! And if it makes you feel any better, I can still barely jump. My mom loves to tell the story of how she used to wait outside for my ballet class to finish, and she could hear the teacher yelling over and over "Jump, Julia, jump!" I think the teacher was frustrated with me because I had decent rhythm and was able to remember the routines well for my age, but I just had no lift. Not much has changed, unfortunately... Maybe it's the giant heads weighing us down...

ru said...

that is the most encouraging story i have heard in a long time!! at least now signal will climb up on his mattress, bounce up and down on his toes (quite vigourously) and yell "gump, gump, gump!!" (still has a few problems with j's and the "ch" sound (furniKer anyone?)