Saturday, December 27, 2008

merry christmas!

Ru, Signal and I hope that all of you loyal blog readers had a great holiday season. Despite my sadness and anxiety leading up to Christmas Day, we actually had a really great holiday this year. It was quiet. It was relaxing. We had great family time with traditions old and new. It was a very merry Christmas indeed.

On Christmas Eve we had a yummy meal of ragout, using my Grandmaman's recipe. It was the first time I had ever made it myself, and Ru was a great co-chef. It made us feel a little closer to my family in Quebec even though we weren't near them this Christmas. After supper, Ru and Signal worked on his letter to Santa. He wrote his own while dictating what he wanted to tell Santa, and Ru wrote it down for him on another sheet of paper. There was much talk of elephants. He also said he wanted an Irish Show for Christmas. Poor kid'll have to wait another 2.5 months for that. Then we unwrapped our new Christmas pjs and got Signal ready for bed. It took Signal a little while to fall asleep, but we all know that that's not out of the ordinary. Then Ru and I worked our holiday magic and hit the sack ourselves.

Sitting by the tree writing letters.

Making corrections.

With clean teeth, in his Christmas pjs.

Reading a bedtime story.

Signal woke bright and early on Christmas morning (7:15am) and then he and Ru came to wake me too. No sleeping in with a toddler on Christmas! Signal was delighted to find our stockings full and presents under the tree. We set to opening everything. It took us more than two hours!! We were very blessed with a lot of things from a lot of people this year. Sweaters and jewelry for me, a Laptop Lunchbox and pocket watch for Ru, Playmobil, a play kitchen, an easel, a Cozy Coupe (and many other things!) for Signal. There was lots of stuff to keep us all busy all day long.

Santa came!

With a full stocking.

Early-morning Mama with her lunchbox.

Me, looking haggard, with my new scarf.

Eating an (organic) lollipop for breakfast.

One of three Playmobil sets.

A great Luved sweatshirt.

Cookies from the Erfurt market.

Signal in his Cozy Coupe from D & B.

The artist at work.

Just before nap in boxers! (With a diaper underneath.)

In the afternoon we just hung around and played with all our new items and had family time. I had put a roast in the slow cooker early in the morning, so we didn't have to worry about prepping a turkey or anything. Come 5:00pm I put some potatoes on to boil and fried up some green beans with sesame seeds, and paired with the roast we had a lovely Christmas supper. Then, as quietly as it came this year, Christmas was over for 2008. And as we got ready for bed, Ru and I decided to brave the Boxing Day sales the next day. Now that is a different story all together.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Crafty Red Fox said...

I love the clean teeth shot!
I'm glad to hear that you had such a lovely Christmas.