Monday, December 29, 2008

no nap?

As many of you know, Signal has never been a very good sleeper. He has slept through the night a total of three times in his life, once being within his first three weeks. He didn't really get the napping thing down until around his first birthday. Now, all of a sudden, he's refusing naps. Oh my!

Nothing has changed in his routine. We still go into Signal's room, rock in the rocking chair, and I sing while he drinks a bottle of milk. Once he's done the milk, he takes his pacifier and we keep rocking. But more and more frequently, I rock and rock and then he just sits up and says "Let's go to the living room!" By the end of the day (bedtime is around 7:30pm), he's not any crankier than usual. It's a little unnerving.

I am personally having a hard time coming to terms with the idea that Signal's days might soon all be napless. I will no longer have any "me" time during the day. I think that is going to be a difficult adjustment for me. I realize that napless days also means we're freer to do what we want when we want to, but it's weird to think about.

For those of you with older children, did your kids drop naps this early? Did they have a napless period and then go back to napping? This is unchartered territory for our family. Any insight is most appreciated!


Wendy said...

B decided one time she wasn't doing naps, but I just left her in her room, she cried and complained a little and ended up playing and talking to herself during the entire naptime. She didn't nap, but I still got my "moment" of peace ;)

Would that work for you, or will he not stay in the room if you aren't there and he isn't sleeping? Good luck!!!

M said...

Yeah, he definitely won't stay if I'm not there and he's not sleeping. And he knows how to open his door. And I won't lock him in. At 2, he doesn't seem to "get" the idea of just having quiet time either. It's go go go all the time.

Jen said...

T dropped his nap in March of this year at 3.5. I was rocking him for 1/2 an hour for an hour of nap, and the reason why was precisely for MY sake and not his! After he dropped the nap he started going to bed at 8 instead of 10 which was a whole different kind of bliss, but I still miss my afternoon coffee and quiet time. My friends in the neighborhood have 'enforced quiet time' where their kids have to stay in their rooms and do something quiet. The one time I tried that, T got up on top of his (tall) IKEA wardrobe, found a bottle of baby powder and baby powdered his room. Oh, it was quiet, yes, but not exactly restful, was it? I realized then that my kid was not the neighbors' kids.

Our quiet time now - if the baby cooperates - is reading a chapter of Paddington Bear or some other chapter book after lunch. Definitely not 'me time' but I've both learned to take that in small bits where i can during the day when he's engrossed in something else by himself (books, play) - and he goes to preschool, which is a real blessing.

M said...

It's so true. The nap is almost more about me! Today he went down easily at 7:15pm, which is our target bedtime. And he went down easily, which is even rarer.

As for preschool... we're looking into a coop for next fall, when he'd be nearly 3. I do think that would be good for all of us eventually.

Erin said...

Don't worry. He sounds just like my E. She went through stages of no napping to the point where I thought the nap days were over. Then suddenly she would go down again. It's always so strange and I can never figure it out. But quiet time is definitely a good idea until he actually starts sleeping again. If he's like my E, quiet time won't mean much though...! Good luck!

Marie said...

My oldest would still take naps if I let him. My older daughter stopped napping just over 2 despite every attempt of mine to make them happen. I just took it upon myself to end the 3 yr olds naps (I know, lunacy) but sleep wasn't happening at night till after 10. What i have done is set her up near me w/books, coloring, puzzles or something simple and quiet that keeps her busy for 30 mins or so while I get my mini break.

Carroll said...

Ben went through a brief no-nap phase around the same time. I wasn't sure if it would be permanent or not so I made sure that we still kept up the routine of going into his room and doing the pre-nap routine. Fortunately for us, it wasn't a permanent change, just some kind of weird phase that passed in a couple of weeks.

However, what helped us what that Ben stayed in his crib until his third birthday. He didn't ever try to climb out so it we didn't force the issue. He will be 4 in April and is just starting to give up his nap. hopefully we can squeak a few more out of him here or there...I definitely notice a temperament change when he doesn't have one!