Wednesday, January 21, 2009

early 2009 complete stash pictures

I realized recently that I hadn't done a cloth diapering update in some time. We've been in the process of revamping the stash a little bit, getting rid of things that weren't working or that Signal had grown out of and adding more of what was working for us. Yesterday I took a bunch pictures so that I could share them with some ladies that I chat with on Diaperswappers, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post them here too.

First off we have the bamboo preflats and the cotton prefolds.

MEOS, Goodmamas and Patooshie Pants, Toddle-ease, Mutts, and BedBugs.

Flannel flats, hemp doublers, bum wipes and face wipes.

PUL covers.

Fleece covers.

Wool covers.

Where it all lives.

And the cutie that wears it all!

I hope that you have as much fun gazing at my stash as I do gazing at other people's stashes. I always like to see what others are drawn to and what works well for different parents and kids. I will say that I am so so happy that we made the switch to cloth a year ago, and I know that should we have more kids we'll definitely cloth diaper again. It's just too fun not to.


kidletsmum said...

Holy kadoodle, do you ever have a lot of dipes!!!

We have 14 FBs for EcoBabe. Full stop.

EcoKid wears a prefold stuffed in snap-ez training pants at night: 3 training pants, 12 prefolds.

And that's our collection!

I'm envious of yours!

M said...

See, and here's me thinking that I've got a small stash. With what we've got, I can get through three days of diapering. I don't think that's very many!

And just think... soon you'll have 11 more FBs!

megin said...

Oh what a beautiful stash!

M said...

Thanks Megin! I got a lot of it used or on sale, which makes me feel better about some of the spendier items. But we do hope to be able to use it all until PLing, and then again on another baby.