Saturday, January 24, 2009

family necklaces

After Noelle's birth, Ru and I decided that we wanted some sort of jewelry that we could wear that would remind us of her. Something that would be a way of having her close to us even though she wasn't physically with us any longer. We looked around online at various places specializing in pregnancy and birth loss jewelry, but didn't see anything that really struck our fancy.

Then, when at the One of a Kind show, just three days after Noelle's birth, we found Luxe Design. We decided then and there that we were going to order necklaces from them. And instead of getting pieces to remind us of just Noelle, we'd each get a necklace symbolizing our entire family.

These arrived just over a week ago, but I just remembered to take the time to snap pictures of them today. They are fantastic. I love putting my necklace on and fingering the little charms, physically feeling our family with my fingers even when I'm all alone. We are so so happy we decided to go with Luxe and get these necklaces. I'm sure you'll agree.

First, there's Ru's necklace:

Her name, a carnelian heart-shaped bead, my name, "Our Little Family" charm with her birthstone hanging in the centre, Signal's name, a turquoise bead for the birth month of both our children, and Noelle's name.

Then there's my necklace:

Ru and I's initials on a love note charm, an emerald coloured bead for the month of our wedding and Noelle's actual due date, a soul mate charm, "Beauty blinding and unsurpassed" charm with a heart in the centre, Signal's initial, a turquoise bead for the kids' birth month, and Noelle's initial.

I hope that you find them just as lovely to look at as we do. And if you are in the market for anything similar, I highly recommend Luxe Design. They were great to deal with and had a very quick turnaround time. Here's to hoping that we'll have need to add more charms to our necklaces in the future.


ru said...

your birthday is also represented by the long turquoise bead on my necklace.

just sayin'.

Sybil said...

GORGEOUS. These necklaces are really amazing!

Azura said...

Absolutely beautiful!

MadJenny said...

They look lovely when you wear them too. I love how you were both able to express your individual personalities in creating your own necklace, while making a paired set. A beautiful choice.