Monday, January 19, 2009

m's meal plan, january 19 through 25

Here's the meal plan for this week. I think we'll be able to stick with it pretty well, although I just remembered that we're going to an event for Family Literacy Day on Thursday night. I think we can still have the tilapia though - I'll just have to have it ready right for when Ru gets home from work in order to get us to the event on time. For lunches this week we still have ham for ham sandwiches, beef stew in the freezer, and some carrot soup too. That along with the leftovers from this weeks suppers should get us through the week.

Monday - Chicken tikka masala with rice and naan
Tuesday - Red lentil soup with rolls and salad
Wednesday - Smoky brisket with mashed potatoes & peas
Thursday - Tilapia with couscous and asparagus
Friday - Tacos in a pan with tortilla chips
Saturday - Whole roasted chicken with roasted potatoes
Sunday - Takeout

There's a new Thai fusion place that we got a menu for this past week, and I think that that is where we are going to get takeout from on Sunday. Should be delicious! What are you all having for supper this week?


kidletsmum said...

I don't know about all week (I don't meal plan) but tomorrow I'm making leek, potato, and chick pea soup with egg salad sandwiches.

S. said...

We just made delicious Spanokapita... We have it on our regular rotation. Every second Monday we make Spanokapita. It is one Michelle's favorites!

Wendy said...

I used to meal plan, and saved so much money on groceries when we did... and also saved lots on take-out (we order in way too much!!).
They call it take-away in Budapest...I find that cute!

I think I'm gonna give meal planning another go. I'm on a health kick, trying to shed some pounds, so meal planning will most likely help! I love Indian, and now I'm craving tikka masala! thx! LOL

ru said...

i am going to eat whatever you feed me - and from the look of it, i am going to eat well this week!