Tuesday, January 27, 2009

m's meal plan, january 26 through february 1

This weeks meal plan isn't as inspired as those for the last few weeks. Honestly, I am feeling every so slightly burned out from doing so much cooking. It's great that we're having much less carry-out and delivery, but it is more work to make and clean up after so many meals. So this week there's some stuff from the freezer, and we're also away eating with friends for two nights. So that's really only 4 meals that I have to cook this week, of which we will have guests for two. Surely I can handle that.

Monday - Stew and rolls (stew defrosted from freezer leftovers)
Tuesday - Chicken enchilitos
Wednesday - Spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread
Thursday - Smoky brisket with mashed potatoes and peas (such a hit last week that we're having it with guests this week)
Friday - Supper at a friend's house
Saturday - Pork tenderloin with rice and broccoli
Sunday - We're at a Superbowl party!

Also, for any of you who live north of Toronto - this past Sunday, we decided that our takeout was going to be from The Chef Thai Fusion in Markham. The food was super delicious. Really yummy satays and a very good pepper cashew tenderloin. If you're in the mood for Thai and you're in the area, I highly recommend it!

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Jane said...

You have inspired me to do BETTER for my family this week. Good luck with your menu!