Thursday, January 15, 2009

who do you cheer for?

The start of a new year is always marked, in our family, be some rather obsessive football watching. As the playoffs are in full swing and everyone is gearing up for the Superbowl, my family and our roommate alike are annoyed by the fact that Ru and I want to watch football, football and maybe a little more football.

This year our family team of choice, the Jets, are sadly out of the running for the big game. But we think that Farve did a great job as quarterback and we will be proudly wearing our Jets gear for the Superbowl, even though the Jets won't be playing. (Look for pictures of our family gear soon after the game.)

But as consolation for the fact that the Jets won't be playing, I'm hoping to win FireMom's Super Bowl XLIII Ultimate Pepsi Party Pack. I mean really,who doesn't want to be eating snacks out of a helmet on game day? I hope that if I do win the coupons are good in Canada... hmmm. Although I don't really want you all to be competition for me, I think you should mosey on over to FireMom's blog and enter too. And if you beat me out and win the party pack, I want to be invited to your Superbowl party.


Wendy said...

I'm blow away... I never took you for a football watching kinda girl! LOL

I don't eve "get" the sport... and Carl is completely fed up with my supposedly annoying question during the match.

M said...

Football is the one sport I really care about. I don't watch hockey, or basketball, or baseball. But football, be it CFL or NFL or NCAA - I love it all!

librariana said...

or you can just go to the usual location for the superbowl

M said...

librariana, we were hoping to perhaps get an invite again this year. ;) But we'd love to bring the pack to your place!